A jurnal of Aleesya's bronchopneumonia.. Part 1


It was so horrible to see my good girl being  warded  and feel pain. Only Allah can give me a strengthness, toughness  and patience. Syukran! A ten days being warded and almost 9 days with phlegm suction also make me feel  sorrow with baby struggling time... Subhanallah!. but dont forget... a rainbow being appear after through rain and warm of sun...Alhamdulillah....

Allahu Robbi
A jurnal of bronchopneumonia of Aleesya Safiya Ruzaimi.

Very common to every mommy to keep in touch with nursery owner in everything happen to their child. It was not easy to release them to be care and complete their growth after confinement period with stranger hheheheh… but with a piece heart of worry plus medium confident interval should be no problem even every second with low trustworthy??? It is common???

A little bit history and maybe related cases of her bronchopneumonia…
2 weeks before- Aleesya suffered a moderate vomit cases. Wow to me as mother or ‘ibu” it give me some worries. As usual I will bring my children to nearest trusted clinic after the symptom still persist (about 3 times in short duration). Luckily it was Saturday where hubby and I were in weekend leave. Klinik  Ilham- Dr Ilham is the owner , located in Bandar Tasik Puteri Kundang was our favourite klinik and doctor where the medicine was standard and suitable with my child. After get consulted Aleesya was given with Maxolon syrup- anti vomit medicine and PCM 250mg-stawberry flavor in cases of fever-standby modes.

3 days after stopped the persistence vomiting, Aleesya gained diarrhea. What a difference, the diarrhea came once a day. Normally she will poo one or two a days. If she got  normal poo in the morning, the evening poo will be watery and leaked the diapers support. Wow.. what such a thing this is????  Hubby and I decide to bring her to get consulted at Ilham clinics as usual.  Doctor prescribed us  anti diarrhea medicine- use if needed! Always with medicine!!!!! Alhamdulillah , she experienced only 4 days of this such situation and back to normal.

23th October 2012. This date fall on Tuesday! Hectic day! With many job task have to complete as my clicks- agashi take her honeymoon leave for a week. Yeay…  Congrate & happy day Agashi! Wow I really forgotten to call after my children at nursery as usual. Myselft stuck with many meetings, task & preparation for tomorrow clinics. Suddenly at 1630 pm, I received a message from Wawa, nursery’s baby sitter. “ Salam kak, Aleesya start demam petang ni, Wawa dah kasi ubat demam tadi”. Owh my girls!!! Owh sorry ibu forgotten to call you today. I called wawa and advice her what to do if the temperature has arise. I called hubby and asked him to go back as earliest as he can…. Hehheh because he is the one that will pick me at office as usual. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely and pick girls @ 7 pm. Aleesya was in not good mood. Her face blushed and likely more to hibernate rather than hyperactive as usual. Oh my girls (OMG),!!! What happened to my gebu???? At home after took a dinner her temperature became arise and slept on hubby’s lap. The fever syrup PCM 250mg strawberry flavor was given to her at 10 pm. Hubby was very alert and care Alessya’s temperature rather than me,.. heheh maybe was too tired with today task… Her temperature wasn’t good around 38-40 degree celcius. Hubby took her to get bath about 3 times around that morning to control her temperature and give PCM syrup on time.


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